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Cross- Movie Connections #1

Its been a while since I posted last, almost 6 months, in fact! Sadly, there are periodically recurring events called exams which seem to occur very often in my life at the moment. If not exams then unit tests, and if not those then a project or something worse…

So, in other news I’m going to start a new section in my blog called “Cross-Movie Connections” where I connect two or more movies or movie franchises together. Now, I need you to understand that I’m still new to this quasi-conspiracy theory business, so please don’t tear me apart if a make a particularly bad connection.

So here goes…

Movies linked: Renaissance Man and Shooter

Premise: Haywood changes his name to Robert Swagger, and transfers to the Marines, where he quickly becomes renowned for his sniper skills, despite having a slow start as a double-D in the Army.

Imagination gone wild!


Crude humor ………. and not much else.

Before Ted released, I had high hopes for the movie – what could go wrong with Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis, even if their supporting character was a pot-smoking, foul mouthed bear? As it appears, almost everything.

There is no plot, so to speak and none of the characters are particularly memorable. Maybe I’ve seen Wahlberg in too many action movies, to  be comfortable with him in this weird rom-com

I know there is a teddy bear, but this movie is certainly not for children and should not be watched with one, even by mistake. Jokes are crude and most, if not all fall flat. The only time the movie got interesting was nearing the end and even that died in a couple of minutes. The closing remarks are sort-of funny, and you think more of how the joke is stupid, more than the joke itself.

Personally, I think the people associated with Family Guy should stick to Family Guy and not try other stuff (except you, Mila, you’re awesome!). Go Simpsons!



Two words: Unmitigated CRAP

First of all, I love the James Bond franchise, especially Die Another Day and The Man with the Golden Gun. Sadly, ever since Daniel Craig was appointed as the new 007, the franchise has taken a steep nose-dive, by messing with the core mechanics of the franchise – James Bond is NOT blonde!

Before, I’m attacked for being mean to Daniel Craig, I’d like to state that he is a great actor, but not a fitting James Bond. No offence, bud.

Now, onto the movie. The saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applies perfectly. The movie digs itself into a grave, with its constant messing of the 007 formula. The plot is forgettable, and entirely cliched; no particular actor or actresses’ performance stands out. Berenice Marlohe‘s character seemed promising, but then her role ended, just like that. Obviously, these guys have just tried to fit in another movie for the Golden Jubilee of the franchise, without having thought it out properly. Even the sets seemed copied, with one looking stolen from Kung Fu Hustle.

Final verdict? Stay away from this movie. Avoid it like the plague! You will be DYING to see the credits roll.