A thoroughly disappointing film, redeemed by two all-stars and a soundtrack.

Across movies, video games and life, you always know a person is getting desperate when they play dirty. This is exactly what is happening with Dreamworks today. With recent non-Dreamworks movies hitting all the right notes with the audiences, they’ve tried to fight back by cheating.

The result is Turbo, a near exact ripoff of Disney’s Cars, is boring in every sense of the word. All they’ve done is take Cars’ plot, change the characters, like a street-racing snail named Whiplash instead of Doc Hudson, and tried selling it. Turbo is terrible, and while it may provide viewers a laugh, it hurts to watch them get ripped off by a company that didn’t try hard enough.

The two saving graces for Turbo are:

  1. Samuel L Jackson and Snoop Dogg/Lion as Whiplash and Smoove Moves, respectively.Snoop Dogg is Smooth Move in TURBO
  2. The soundtrack, which is perfect for the movie.
No. Title Music Length
1. “Let the Bass Go” Snoop Dogg 3:55
2. “Another Day at the Plant” 2:52
3. It’s Tricky Run–D.M.C. 3:04
4. What’s New Pussycat? Tom Jones 2:19
5. Drop It Like It’s Hot Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell Williams 4:28
6. “Supersnail” 1:47
7. “Meet The Competition” 2:35
8. Krazy Pitbull featuring Lil Jon 3:44
9. Jump Around House of Pain 3:39
10. Goin’ Back to Indiana Jackson 5 3:32
11. “The Snail is Fast” V12 and Nomadik 3:18
12. “Indianapolis” 2:30
13. “Tuck & Roll” 4:21
14. “Speedin'” Classic 2:21
15. “Here We Come” V12 and Classic 2:31
16. Eye of the Tiger (Sher Gunn Remix)” Survivor 5:52
17. “Saturday Night” Ozomatli 4:01
18. “Turbo” 2:49
Total length:

(Source: Wikipedia)

Dreamworks, my humble advice is, whatever problems you guys might be facing, get past them and get your head back in the game. Shoddy efforts like this aren’t going to endear you to anyone.Seriously, Frenchmen don’t drink Italian coffee and not every Mexican chef has an accent.

So there.