Ice Age 4: Continental Drift

I have a feeling that if the ‘Ice Age’ franchise continues with the good work, geography teachers are going to find themselves out of a job. Blue Sky Studios have managed to turn even the most boring and routine geography lessons, like the formation of the continents into an entertaining, fun-filled, and downright enjoyable movie.

Continental Drift finds the Ice Age group approximately 15-16 years after the events of the previous film, Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Manny, Sid, Diego, and Ellie haven’t aged a day, while Peaches, Manny’s daughter has grown considerably – from a sweet little baby mammoth to a teenage mammoth, who is very much like the rest of us.


The movie revolves around two groups – the threesome of Manny, Diego and Sid, with a few new additions and Ellie and Peaches, along with rest of their community; as they desperately try to reunite after the formation of the continents drives them apart.

Continental Drift takes an extremely Pirates of the Carribean-like feel, since most of the movie takes place on the sea, not to mention a motley bunch of pirates, led by the monkey Gutt, who serve as the bad guys in the plot. Gutt, who has more than a passing resemblance to Davy Jones, is one of the best animated villains I’ve seen in a long time and this movie doesn’t shy away from showing him off at all.

There are a few new additions to the crew, most notably:

  • Granny

This old sloth is dumped off onto Sid by his ungrateful family. Decidedly eccentric, this old sloth proves quite formidable, with lots of tricks up her sleeve, the least of which is her pet whale, Precious.

  • Shira

Diego finally find his love interest in a tough-talking sabretooth, named Shira. Originally part of Gutt’s crew, she eventually falls in with the threesome as the movie progresses.

The movie draws inspiration from other media as well, like Braveheart and surprisingly Homer’s Oydessy.All in all, good, clean, dumb fun, perfect for little kids and immature people alike; this movie caused me to ponder over questions like “When you drink water through your trunk, does it taste like boogers?” Whoah.