The Dark Knight Rises

As the conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman trilogy mints money at the box office, most people are of the opinion that Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight, might just be overshadowed by Tom Hardy’s brilliant performance as the terrorist Bane in the Dark Knight Rises. A friend of mine remarked that even without the use of most of his face, Tom Hardy has delivered a better performance than most actors can with the use of their entire body, and he’s absolutely right.
The Dark Knight Rises is set eight years after the events of the previous movie, with Gotham seeing her crime rates plummet after the passing of the Dent act, which I quote “gave teeth to the police in their fight.” Peace reigns throughout Gotham, that is until a terrorist Bane appears on the scene, with a sinister plan; and this time Batman is not in shape to fight him..


Bane is a villian with a difference and is more refined, with an apreciation of art and music, along with the fact that he doen’t kill his thugs outright, but tells him to do something and THEN kills him. Considerate, no? Also there are a few changes to Bane’s appearance, most notable being his mask. Now, it appears more like a respirator than like the luchador-like mask, which he wore in the comics. However Nolan remains true to the character and even includes the iconic “I will break you!!” scene.
Christian Bale reprises his role of Batman/Bruce Wayne and gives a good, if not particularly memorable performance. Catwoman exceeded expectations, both as the character and in Anne Hathaway’s performance. An honourable mention must also be made of Alfred, who plays a more expanded role than in the previous film. Michael Caine portrays the old butler beautifully.

The plot can be roughly divided into two sections, pre-interval, which is good, if a little slow and post-interval, which will force you to become one with your seat as ou watch the action. There is also a little twist at the end, although hardcore Batman fans will spot it coming far in advance. The ending is extremely well-done and Nolan does a brilliant job of tying up the loose ends, but leaving enough for fans to hope for a possible sequel. A quick tip, keep an eye on one of the officers of GCPD, Blake, and you won’t be disappointed.

The movie runs a little less than 3 hours, so be aware. But I can assure you, the fast-paced action and ever-thickening plot will leave you wondering where the time went.