I watched Disney-Pixar’s newest offering to the animated world today, and I’m sorry to say, wasn’t very impressed. ‘Brave’ is a story of a young Celtic girl, living in the highlands of ancient Scotland, having to deal with an overbearing mother and the prospect of getting married to uphold tradition.

Frustrated with her lot in life, Merida runs away and meets an old witch who gives her an enchanted tart, to ostensibly ‘change’ her mother (in more ways than one). What follows is Merida and her mother, Elinor bonding over the aftermath of the rather surprising effects of the spell.

I had few problems with ‘Brave’, one of which was the historical inaccuracies, but that’s just me nit-picking.  There are many colorful characters, especially Merida’s three younger brothers, who devise plan after plan to steal food from the kitchens, in between helping Merida and Elinor escape from the castle and getting transformed by the spell themselves, after inadvertantly eating the same (bewitched) tart themselves. Merida’s suitors and their respective clans are funny too.

All in all, ‘Brave’ is a sweet movie, good for entertainment with kids, but its nothing more than your run-of-the-mill Disney animated movie, good, but not at par with Disney’s best. Two things stood out, the voice acting which seemed spot-on, and a scene in which Merida’s father, Fergus and his warriors are locked on the top of a tower, with no way of getting down, forcing them to resort to using their kilts to make a rope to climb down on. This, unfortunately, exposes parts not generally displayed to the public, if you know what I mean.If you plan on watching the movie with your kids, go ahead, but be aware that some parts may be frightening to these little people’s minds.

Another thing which I enjoyed very much was the animated short film, ‘La Luna’ which was screened before  the actual movie, which explains the phases of the moon in its own charming manner.

TRIVIA: Brenda Chapman, who directed the film, is Pixar’s first female director.


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