Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

I watched this movie this morning, at the insistence of my parents and little sister, and I must say, Dreamworks have made a fitting end to the much loved Madagascar franchise.

The movie starts with the end to Madagascar 2, with the penguins flying to Monte Carlo for Skipper’s honeymoon, and Alex realizing that they maybe stuck in Africa forever.

The animals agree to travel to Monte Carlo, find the penguins and then embark on a journey back home, chased by a French Animal Control officer, Chantale Dubois ( a rival for the crazy old lady in the previous two films) along with a detour along Rome and London, with a travelling circus.

The picture is barely 2 hours long and extremely entertaining. Slapstick humour can be found all over the place and new characters are interesting. I loved Gia, Stefano and Vitaly. Also, King Julien finally finds his lady love, as does Alex.

All in all, good fun, and a must watch for kids and people who love animated movies (like me)


2 thoughts on “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

  1. Its a nice review but just isn’t something new. You can find reviews like what you have written in end-number of places. So do something mindblowing/ amazing, and try to be more like YOURSELF in your reviews, not a clerk, who’s paid to be typing day and night… (if u know what i mean!)

    • Its okay, I’ doing this for fun. Also, I will expand into restaurants after a while.
      Finally, this review wasn’t that great because I wrote it in a hurry, without proper preparation.

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